6 Vital Hotel Safety Tips

Your safety and security should always be a priority. Never let your guard down particularly if you are traveling on your own. If you’re a woman who would be traveling alone for the first time or visiting a new place, there is all the more reason to be extra cautious.

Here are some safety tips that travel experts advise to keep in mind.

Research Before the Travel

Take the time to do some online sleuthing to check for availability of a secure hotel and location. Don’t get sidetracked by the offer of a low room price.

If you are not sure whether the hotel your staying at is located in a safe neighborhood, check for guest reviews. They are the best source of first hand experience with the hotel and its neighborhood.

One of the best online resources for this would be Yelp. They have a wide database on a global scale, complete with unedited reviews from the hotel guests.

Room Request

Always request for a room that is not located on the ground floor. If you are booking online, check to see if you can add this particular request prior to finalizing the reservation.

If needs be, call the hotel to provide them with the information on your room requirement. Choosing a room located from the third to the fifth floor would be ideal.

Rooms located on the ground floor are easily accessible to burglars while rooms on the third to fifth floor are easily accessible by fire engine ladders in the rare case that a fire breaks out or any other forms of emergency occur.

Keep Your Luggage

Never let your luggage out of your sight during the entire check-in process. Thieves are quite clever nowadays. If you need to speak to an employee at the front desk, place your luggage between the desk and yourself.

Should you require the assistance of a hotel porter, inform the front desk employee that you need help with your luggage and wait by the front desk until the porter arrives.

Get Checked-In Safely

Don’t leave your credit card lying on the front desk. A good camera can easily catch the details without your knowledge. Hand it directly to the front desk employee once they require your credit card and check that the correct card is handed back to you.

During the check-in process, inform the person assisting you that you don’t want them to say your room number out loud. Have them write it on a piece of paper. You don’t want anyone to know where you are staying exactly, do you?

Before leaving the front desk, ask for at least 2 of the hotel’s business cards. Keep one in your wallet or card holder to remind you of where you’re staying. Keep the other card right beside the hotel phone in case of emergency.

Use the Hotel’s Safe Deposit Box

All reputable hotels have safe deposit boxes where guests can have their valuable items stored during their stay. This is one thing to keep in mind since hotels accept liability for items left in their care.

Always get a written receipt for your items. Don’t be hesitant to ask about the hotel’s coverage policy in case of loss or damage.

Don’t Open the Door

Unless you are expecting room service or somebody to visit you in your room, don’t open the door even if they have identified themselves as part of the hotel staff. Make them wait while you call the front desk to check if they had somebody come up to your room.

Practicing the age-old adage of safety first before anything else can guarantee that you’ll have a memorable and enjoyable trip.