Five Tips on How to Save Money on Flight Bookings

You’ve worked hard and saved your hard-earned money. Now, you think it’s the right time for you to play hard too.

If you’re planning to take a vacation that requires you to book a flight, read on to check how you can additionally save money.

Look Before You Book

Don’t hastily click on that button to book a flight for what looks like a cheaper airfare even if it isn’t the usual arrival airport for the destination that you are wanting to visit.

Take the time to check the distance of the arrival airport from your final destination. Overlooking this bit of information might result into you having to pay more for car rental or taxi fare just to get to your final destination.

If you don’t have an idea where to begin, check out Skyscanner online to search and compare millions of flights daily for the cheapest flights. Their search engine is programmed to provide you with the latest information wherever you are.

Patience is A Virtue

Most often than not, airline companies offer flights with low fares for a limited time to purchase and limited flight dates. If you have always planned to travel for your vacation, you most probably have an idea when the low airfare promotions are offered.

Marking your calendar and planning your vacation around these dates would be a plus. Be sure to read the fine print to check what the promotion inclusions are with regards to baggage and taxes.

If the promotion only covers a one-way trip, check if they are also offering another promotion for a return trip. You might need to stay for a couple more days while waiting for the return flight but if it is worth the wait, I’d say go for it!

Choose a Lean Month

Studies have shown that airfares are cheaper for flights during the so-called “lean months” or off-peak season where there is a low number of passengers, but the available flights are high.

One good thing about choosing to travel at this time? You don’t get the hustle and bustle of dealing with a huge crowd of travelers.

As an additional tip, hotel accommodations also are generally lower priced during these lean months.

Click and Cancel

Promotions for cheap airfare spread like wildfire and the tickets sell out in just a blink of an eye. If you are planning to purchase your ticket during a promotional offer period, it would be worth your while to check out their cancellation policy in advance.

This gives you a chance to book the flight and cancel in case you change your mind without losing money. Most airlines do have 24-hour cancellation policies.

Price Matching

Check if the airline has a price matching policy. This is in case you already purchased a ticket and they offer the same ticket at a lower price in the next few days.

Contact their representative if the rules seem a bit vague and you need further clarification. Communicating via email would be the best way to do this so you have written proof of the information that they provided you with.

Hopefully, with these tips, you get more value for your money on your next booking!