8 Must-Have Travel Accessories for 2018

Every traveler knows that travel accessories are a must if they want to enjoy their travel experience. Having these on-hand wherever you are traveling to also helps keep you somewhat ready for anything unexpected that might happen during your journey.

Travel Pillows

Travel pillows come in all sizes and colors. You have the option of bringing along the inflatable or non-inflatable type.

It helps keep your head from falling into an uncomfortable position while you sleep during your travel. Adult and kid versions are available. Perfect for use even when you are camping outdoors.

Price normally range between $10 and $100 depending on the features.

Travel Towels

Some travelers prefer to bring their own towels even if they are checking into a hotel that provides guests with towels for room use.

Invest in a travel towel that are quick drying yet super absorbent. A good quality travel towel can cost around $25.

Travel Storage Space Saver Bags

If you ever had problems with trying to fit all your clothes into one luggage bag, then consider investing in a storage space saver bag.

It allows you to save on space by compressing the air out of the bag leaving you with more space in your luggage to fill up. You can also use these to save up on storage space inside your cabinets while keeping your clothes dust free. Price begins at $15.

Water Bottle with Pill Organizer

Have your daily vitamin supplements or medicines on hand while traveling. No need to rummage through your bag to locate your pill organizer. Drink straight from the bottle or use the bottle cap as a drinking cup.

The bottle is made from BPA-free materials and available in 5 color options. Price begins at $6.29.

Digital Luggage Scale

You’ve thoroughly enjoyed yourself and bought a lot of mementos to take home, but worried that you might go over the allowed luggage weight? Or are you just heading out for your trip?

Times like these, having a digital luggage scale comes in handy. Choose a digital luggage scale that is compact and lightweight, so you can simply hook it onto your bag or hand-carry luggage. Price begins at $12.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes particularly the compression types are great travel accessories since they allow you to keep your luggage organized with minimum fuss. You can also use them for organizing your stuff at home. Price for packing cubes begins at $9.

Camera Lens for Cell Phones or Tablets

Leave your bulky cameras and videocams at home when traveling. Invest in a good camera lens that you can simply attach to your cell phone or tablet for easy movement.

There are a number of models with different features that you can choose from. Price begins at $10.

Travel Door Alarm

Safety first before anything else even when you are checked into your accommodation of choice. The travel door alarm is pocket sized that you can attach to the door or window. Some models also have built in flashlights.

The travel door alarm price begins at $12.

Have you recently discovered a must-have travel accessory that we overlooked? We’d love to hear about it!