2018 Top Destinations in the UK

Vacation time is coming soon and this time you have UK as your travel destination. With more than a hundred scenic sites to visit, you’ll definitely want to narrow down your itinerary otherwise you might not have enough time to enjoy yourself.

Here are three destinations in the UK that you should consider:


Nothing spells relaxation than a trip to a beautiful countryside along with its rich heritage. Classified as a World Heritage Site,  Yorkshire has a wealth of history and mystery with its ruins and castles.

Yorkshire also boasts of a number of 5-star restaurants, markets, and farm shops that are sure to satisfy your craving for a gastronomic delight. Add the wonderful drinks to quench the thirst after a whole day of sightseeing and your visit is complete.

Are you a lover of the arts? Yorkshire has a multitude of art galleries, museums, and craft centers to get you inspired while on a holiday.

If you have kids and are stumped on where to take them. Yorkshire has a number of places that you can visit with the kids that are guaranteed to keep them entertained.


Looking forward to visiting a place that offers magnificent beaches, scenic national parks, and a chance to enjoy some outdoor activities? Then Devon is the place you’ll want to visit.

The north coastline of Devon offers visitors a chance to learn surfing while the south coastline is perfect for canoeing. The Devon inland also has much to offer including some wonderful historical sites and art galleries. There are a number of outdoor activities that the entire family can participate in.

Sample and purchase a wide array of sumptuous food and drinks at the local farmers’ markets. They offer visitors a chance to get a taste of true Devon food staples such as seafood, lamb, pork, and venison. Artisanal cheese, ice cream, and drinks are also available.

Devon also has the tight budget traveler in mind. Their tourist information website even has a page dedicated for such budget-friendly inspirations.


If visiting a picturesque countryside with historic sites such as castle ruins and medieval churches are more your style, then Norfolk is just the destination for you.

Satisfy the explorer in you by visiting Blakeney Point, the Cromer Forest Bed Formation, the Cromer Ridge, Flint, the Great Chalk Reef, the River Wensum, and The Brecks to see why they are considered as the 7 natural wonders of Norfolk.

Found yourself craving for some time on the beach? Not to worry! Norfolk has a wonderful seaside for you to indulge in. Depending on which beachfront you’ll be visiting, you can choose from a wide array of beach activities (not to mention all the fresh catch of the day that you can eat!).

Shop and have fun at the local farmers’ markets that features artisanal products that you can enjoy on site or keep as a memento of your Norfolk trip.

Admittedly, there are more places to visit in the UK but these three would be our choices for 2018 top destinations. If you have recently visited a place in the UK that you think should be in the list, let us know!