Hotel in Shrewsbury | Sandford House Hotel | Shropshire, UK 



arc-outsideThis is quote from the book “Buildings of England – Shropshire” by John Newman, which features a description of Sanford House Hotel.

House number 37 Sandford House Hotel belonged to Joseph Broomfield, plaster and architect. Small, but eventful three storeyed of brick, the South end, only to bay wide but with a central Pedimented doorcase on columns with Adamesque capitals. Full height with semi-octagonal bay towards the garden inside.

There is Broomfield’s delicate neoclassical plaster work everywhere, narrow central corridor with to the 1 a full height staircase in a triangular well, and then to the glory of the interior, the octagonal drawing room. Here the timber chimneypiece has a boar Hunt and trophies of arms carved on the lintel, and the Niche at the opposite end displays a Bacchus head in its arched top.

Enriched overdoor and beaded window frames. The ceiling is splendid, with eight compartments, of arabesques and figural medallions signs of the zodiac. The seasons, etc and a central oval was seated gods in a sunk octagon .Since the room is quite small. The decorative effect is overwhelming.

arc-dinningTowards the streets the rectangle dining room. Plaster work on each each wall on the long walls figures pouring libations, one set in a wreath with cornstalks which look like gleanings from the dining room ceiling at Attingham.

Upstairs an other octagonal room with a central ceiling relief.

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