Reasons to Visit Shrewsbury and Shropshire

If you are looking for a quaint town and county with a mix of the old and the new to visit on your next vacation, why not add Shrewsbury and Shropshire to your bucket list?

Located in western England, the town of Shrewsbury sits inside the River Severn’s loop with half-timbered Tudor buildings and magnificent Georgian houses. Beautiful gardens and narrow winding streets complete the picture.

Here’s a list of sights that you must visit while at Shrewsbury:

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

Housing a permanent exhibit of pre-history and roman artefacts, the museum also features temporary exhibitions from local and upcoming artists.

Charles Darwin’s Statue

Did you know that Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury? As a tribute, a statue of Charles Darwin has proudly sat outside his former school since 1897. The school has now been turned into the local library.

Shrewsbury Castle

No matter how quaint, a town in England won’t be complete without its own castle. Visit the castle’s museum for a walk back in time through their collection of uniforms, photographs, and weapons dating from the 1700s to the present.

The Bellstone

It might look just like any other huge granite boulder, but this is actually a remnant from the last Ice Age. It was this boulder that gave Charles Darwin his first introduction into geological science.

Shrewsbury Market Hall

This famed indoor market located just beneath Shrewsbury’s clocktower is a great place to find books, collectibles, clothing, vinyl records, and antiques. As an indoor market, you can also find fresh produce that have been locally farmed.

The market also has a dining area where visitors can take their pick from the wide assortment of dishes available. Local and international dishes are on offer to indulge your craving.

Shropshire is considered to be England’s largest county inland. The landscape remains unspoiled that allows the existence of diverse habitats resulting in a diverse wildlife.

With more than 90 places to visit, just like when you ride a Porsche through Miami, here are our top picks:

Ironbridge Gorge Museums

The Ironbridge Gorge, declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds the world’s first iron bridge that marked the start of the Industrial Revolution 300 years ago. The Ironbridge Gorge is also home to ten indoor and outdoor museums. Each visitor is taken on a journey from the start of the Industrial Revolution to the Victorian era.

Stokesay Castle

The castle is located in the South Shropshire countryside nearing the Welsh border. The Stokesay Castle was built in the 13th century and is to-date the best preserved and finest fortified Manor house in England.

Wroxeter Roman City or Viroconium

Wroxeter was once identified as the fourth largest city during Roman times. Originally designed to be a fortress of the Roman legion, it later became populated by traders and retired soldiers making it a thriving city.

Visitors will be impressed with the second century municipal baths and the huge wall remains that divides the municipal baths from the exercise hall. Archeological finds provide evidence on the last years of Wroxeter as a Roman city.

After reading this post, aren’t you excited to visit Shrewsbury and Shropshire, or do a longer roadtrip from Shropshire to London? Check your calendar for your next vacation time and book your reservation now!