Top 5 Luggage Brands For 2018 That Suits Your Budget

Gone are the days when a traveler has to deal with a heavy suitcase that tend to add on to the allowed weight an airline passenger is allotted for every flight. Nowadays, travelers are spoiled with the wide assortment of light weight luggage that they can pick whichever suits their taste and travel needs.

Deciding on which luggage brand to purchase, however, can be quite confusing due to the number of brands available in the market today. Which one should you pick?

To help narrow down your choices, here are our recommendations for the top 5 brands for 2018 based on quality, durability, design, interior space, sizes available, their ability to meet the requirements of any airlines, and last but not the least the price range.

American Tourister

One of the oldest dependable and widely available luggage brands in the market since its release about 75 years ago. American Tourister is owned and manufactured by Samsonite.

American Tourister offers both hardside and softside suitcases with a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Kids and kids-at-heart would be delighted with their Marvel Comics and Disney character inspired bags. Price-wise, American Tourister is known for their low to mid-range prices without compromising their quality, which makes it quite popular among non-frequent travelers.


Another well-known luggage brand that is widely available in the market since its introduction about 100 years ago. Samsonite is well known for its durability and style.

Samsonite offers both hardside and softside suitcases including an assortment of backpacks, travel accessories, and even garment bags. One of their most sellable designs would be the suitcases with spinner wheels. Their products are sold from the low- to the mid-price range.


Originally starting as a manufacturer for leather camera cases, Delsey also expanded into the luggage business about 7 decades ago. Since then, Delsey has continuously manufactured high quality products that travelers are only too happy to take advantage of.

They specialize in hardside suitcases, but you can also find softside suitcases, backpacks, travel bags, and even school bags as part of their product line. The products are sold along the mid-price range.


Flight crews also get their fair share of the suitcase market. Travelpro was a brainchild of an airline pilot after he realized the need to have a wheeled luggage.

This idea led to the birth of Travelpro, which basically introduced the first wheeled, carry-on suitcase that has an extendable handle to pull the suitcase in an upright position.

The brand is quite popular among flight crews due to its high quality and durability. They have a range of hardside and softside suitcases, garment bags, backpacks, and laptop bags that are in the mid-price range.

Eagle Creek

Founded in 1975, Eagle Creek has been a favorite among backpacking travelers due to its casual and outdoorsy vibe. Don’t be fooled by its rugged look though. Eagle Creek luggage has been designed for functionality and durability.

Eagle Creek products are made of tough polyester fabrics that have been coated to resist any weather condition. Heavy duty wheels and puncture proof lockable zippers with a “No Matter What” lifetime warranty definitely makes it worth its above mid-price range.

After reading our top picks, you now get to decide which one to purchase. All brands are also available online for ease of purchase.

6 Vital Hotel Safety Tips

Your safety and security should always be a priority. Never let your guard down particularly if you are traveling on your own. If you’re a woman who would be traveling alone for the first time or visiting a new place, there is all the more reason to be extra cautious.

Here are some safety tips that travel experts advise to keep in mind.

Research Before the Travel

Take the time to do some online sleuthing to check for availability of a secure hotel and location. Don’t get sidetracked by the offer of a low room price.

If you are not sure whether the hotel your staying at is located in a safe neighborhood, check for guest reviews. They are the best source of first hand experience with the hotel and its neighborhood.

One of the best online resources for this would be Yelp. They have a wide database on a global scale, complete with unedited reviews from the hotel guests.

Room Request

Always request for a room that is not located on the ground floor. If you are booking online, check to see if you can add this particular request prior to finalizing the reservation.

If needs be, call the hotel to provide them with the information on your room requirement. Choosing a room located from the third to the fifth floor would be ideal.

Rooms located on the ground floor are easily accessible to burglars while rooms on the third to fifth floor are easily accessible by fire engine ladders in the rare case that a fire breaks out or any other forms of emergency occur.

Keep Your Luggage

Never let your luggage out of your sight during the entire check-in process. Thieves are quite clever nowadays. If you need to speak to an employee at the front desk, place your luggage between the desk and yourself.

Should you require the assistance of a hotel porter, inform the front desk employee that you need help with your luggage and wait by the front desk until the porter arrives.

Get Checked-In Safely

Don’t leave your credit card lying on the front desk. A good camera can easily catch the details without your knowledge. Hand it directly to the front desk employee once they require your credit card and check that the correct card is handed back to you.

During the check-in process, inform the person assisting you that you don’t want them to say your room number out loud. Have them write it on a piece of paper. You don’t want anyone to know where you are staying exactly, do you?

Before leaving the front desk, ask for at least 2 of the hotel’s business cards. Keep one in your wallet or card holder to remind you of where you’re staying. Keep the other card right beside the hotel phone in case of emergency.

Use the Hotel’s Safe Deposit Box

All reputable hotels have safe deposit boxes where guests can have their valuable items stored during their stay. This is one thing to keep in mind since hotels accept liability for items left in their care.

Always get a written receipt for your items. Don’t be hesitant to ask about the hotel’s coverage policy in case of loss or damage.

Don’t Open the Door

Unless you are expecting room service or somebody to visit you in your room, don’t open the door even if they have identified themselves as part of the hotel staff. Make them wait while you call the front desk to check if they had somebody come up to your room.

Practicing the age-old adage of safety first before anything else can guarantee that you’ll have a memorable and enjoyable trip.

Five Tips on How to Save Money on Flight Bookings

You’ve worked hard and saved your hard-earned money. Now, you think it’s the right time for you to play hard too.

If you’re planning to take a vacation that requires you to book a flight, read on to check how you can additionally save money.

Look Before You Book

Don’t hastily click on that button to book a flight for what looks like a cheaper airfare even if it isn’t the usual arrival airport for the destination that you are wanting to visit.

Take the time to check the distance of the arrival airport from your final destination. Overlooking this bit of information might result into you having to pay more for car rental or taxi fare just to get to your final destination.

If you don’t have an idea where to begin, check out Skyscanner online to search and compare millions of flights daily for the cheapest flights. Their search engine is programmed to provide you with the latest information wherever you are.

Patience is A Virtue

Most often than not, airline companies offer flights with low fares for a limited time to purchase and limited flight dates. If you have always planned to travel for your vacation, you most probably have an idea when the low airfare promotions are offered.

Marking your calendar and planning your vacation around these dates would be a plus. Be sure to read the fine print to check what the promotion inclusions are with regards to baggage and taxes.

If the promotion only covers a one-way trip, check if they are also offering another promotion for a return trip. You might need to stay for a couple more days while waiting for the return flight but if it is worth the wait, I’d say go for it!

Choose a Lean Month

Studies have shown that airfares are cheaper for flights during the so-called “lean months” or off-peak season where there is a low number of passengers, but the available flights are high.

One good thing about choosing to travel at this time? You don’t get the hustle and bustle of dealing with a huge crowd of travelers.

As an additional tip, hotel accommodations also are generally lower priced during these lean months.

Click and Cancel

Promotions for cheap airfare spread like wildfire and the tickets sell out in just a blink of an eye. If you are planning to purchase your ticket during a promotional offer period, it would be worth your while to check out their cancellation policy in advance.

This gives you a chance to book the flight and cancel in case you change your mind without losing money. Most airlines do have 24-hour cancellation policies.

Price Matching

Check if the airline has a price matching policy. This is in case you already purchased a ticket and they offer the same ticket at a lower price in the next few days.

Contact their representative if the rules seem a bit vague and you need further clarification. Communicating via email would be the best way to do this so you have written proof of the information that they provided you with.

Hopefully, with these tips, you get more value for your money on your next booking!